Sku: CL50

CL 50 
Rugged, efficient, easy to clean and offering the widest variety of cuts and will meet your precise daily needs both easily and effectively.

– The CL50 offers you a wide choice of cuts, even for delicate vegetables, delivering impeccably sliced mushrooms and perfectly formed tomato cubes.
– Table-top model CL50 offer range of 50 discs for slicing, ripple-cutting, grating and cutting into sticks, strips or dice (from 5x5x5 mm to 25x25x25 mm) with optimum quality and precision every time.
– All parts which come into contact with foodstuffs can easily be removed for cleaning, thus maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.
– Polycarbonate motor base, designed to withstand the processing of large quantities.

large hopper for processing bulky vegetables such as cabbage and celery. Can accomodate up to 10 tomatoes at a time:

– cylindrical hopper (Ø 58 mm) for processing long or delicate vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms):

These models feature a lever-acitvated auto restart, making them more user-friendly and optimizing safety.

restaurants, institutions, caterers

375 rpm
Output: 100 kg/h
Number of meals: up to 300 meals
gross weight: 19,8 kg
dim.: 390 x 340 x 610h mm

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